Hague WaterMax Water Cleaner & Softener – Well Water Solution

The WaterMax Water Cleaner and Softener is a whole house solution that first cleans the water, then softens. It’s a complete set up in one installed system. It is a complete water filtration, purification and softener system that integrates with a reverse osmosis system to provide you the best quality, proper pH balanced drinking water available whether using well water or city water.

The Right Well Water Treatment Filtration Solution

Only Hague WATERMAX can offer a patented approach to The Right Solution for your home’s specific well water needs. The Hague WATERMAX multi-compartment tank offers complete flexibility in water treatment media configuration.

The Hague WATERMAX Model 62 AMQ is built especially to handle well water and features Absolute Brining which adjusts the salt dosage to the exact amount required for each regeneration. Hague WATERMAX never wastes salt or water.

Efficient Water Treatment

The Hague WaterMax, is the most efficient water treatment equipment in the world, and along with the Hague 6500 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system, your new water filtration system will give you the best soft, proper pH drinking water that can be produced.

Complete System  – Purification, Softener, Filtration

These water purification, softener and filtration systems treat and removes iron, sulfur, chlorine, chloromines, arsenic, lead, copper, volatile organic compounds, algae, microbials like bacteria, viruses, cryptospordium, etc., and any other odors or problems you might have with your city or well water.

This equipment is called the Hague Max pack and it is configured after testing and analyzing your water to treat your specific water problems. The Hague 6500 Reverse Osmosis is our final step to polishing the water to give you absolutely the best drinking water.

WaterMax by Hague is the best water treatment for water quality

Compartment 1

ULTRA-FIL – filters dirt and sediment. Self-cleaning; no cartridges to change. Provides whole-house filtration, and needs no replacement filters or maintenance.

Compartment 2

ULTRA-SOFT – utilizes high-capacity fine mesh resin, vacuum VIBRAPACKED for maximum treatment of hardness.

Bacteriostat inhibits bacteria growth in the resin bed.

Custom designed treatment system

Only WaterMax can offer a patented approach to solving your home’s specific water needs.The WaterMax Multi-Compartment Media Tank offers complete flexibility in softener media configuration

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