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Whole House Water Purification & Softener


The Right Well Water Treatment Filtration Solution

Only Hague WATERMAX can offer a patented approach to The Right Solution for your home’s specific well water needs. The Hague WATERMAX multi-compartment tank offers complete flexibility in water treatment media configuration.

The Hague WATERMAX Model 62 AMQ is built especially to handle well water and features Absolute Brining which adjusts the salt dosage to the exact amount required for each regeneration. Hague WATERMAX never wastes salt or water.

The Watermax, with its patented multi-compartment system is capable of 83 different configurations. This allows the Watermax to simultaneously address multiple well water problems.

The Watermax can pack pounds of a variety of media in each compartment, media that is necessary to correct some of the most severe problem water.

A single Watermax multi-compartment tank may contain up to a total of 5 different types of media to provide the Right Solution for your water. A claim unmatched by any conventional water softener!

Designed to be friendly to the environment, the Systems Controller precisely calculates the solution to your water supply needs, allowing the Watermax to use less water, less regenerate, and less energy.

Combine the Watermax with the Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis System and treat yourself and your family to the highest quality working and life support water!


One system delivers filtration, purification and softening

The WaterMax Water Cleaner and Softener is a whole house solution that first cleans the water, then softens. It’s a complete set up in one installed system. It is a complete water filtration, purification and softener system that integrates with a reverse osmosis system to provide you the best quality, proper pH balanced drinking water available whether using well water or city water.

  • Uses less water for maximum efficiency
  • No Filters! Self-cleaning filters, no cartridges to change
  • You choose the right amount of softness
  • State of the art controls monitor everything
  • Regeneration as short as 12 minutes
  • Uses as little as 14 gallons of water per regeneration
Hague WaterMax Cleaner and Softener


Configured to Your Unique Water Quality

Every well water test results in various water problems, from hardness, iron or even bacteria. Once determined, the Hague WaterMax is fine tuned to give you the best possible water solution. The Hague Max pack is configured after testing and analyzing your water to treat your specific water problems. The Hague 6500 Reverse Osmosis is our final step to polishing the water to give you absolutely the best drinking water. 

Compartment 1

ULTRA-FIL - filters dirt and sediment. Self-cleaning; no cartridges to change. Provides whole-house filtration, and needs no replacement filters or maintenance.

Compartment 2

ULTRA-SOFT - utilizes high-capacity fine mesh resin, vacuum VIBRAPACKED for maximum treatment of hardness. Bacteriostat inhibits bacteria growth in the resin bed.

JBC Water Treatment
WaterMax Control Valve


No matter your water quality, the Hague WaterMax is built to be customized to every unique water problem – from simple hard water to bacteria – the Hague WaterMax delivers a solution.

JBC Water Treatment
WaterMax Control Valve


The Hydro-Slide Piston is the only internal moving part and is Teflon® encapsulated for years of trouble-free operation. Hague’s valve has been tested for over 100,000 cycles with no detectable wear.

JBC Water Treatment
WaterMax Control Valve


Blending Valve is installer-adjusted to precisely match your softness preference. The ultimate solution for well water issues.

JBC Water Treatment
WaterMax Control Valve


The test port offers easy access for water testing. No disassembly (or mess!) required.

JBC Water Treatment
WaterMax Control Valve


Valve position is controlled by WaterMax® exclusive magnetic technology – no solenoids or switches.

JBC Water Treatment
WaterMax Control Valve


Built-in Bypass offers convenient single-handle operation.

25 year limited warranty
water quality association gold seal standard

The WaterMax®, like all Hague products, holds the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal.

Hague WaterMax Specifications City or Well Water

  • High Flow Rate: 13 gpm at 15 psi pressure drop

  • Whole-house, self-cleaning filter reduces dirt and sediment to a nominal 20 microns – smaller than the eye can see. No cartridges to change.

  • Regeneration as short as 12 minutes

  • Uses as little as 14 gallons of water per regeneration

  • Removes more than 5,000 grains of hardness per 1 pound of salt or salt substitute