On-Demand, Tankless, Reverse Osmosis System

Blue Gold Colombo Reverse Osmosis Systems



Imagine. An unlimited supply of fresh drinking water.

For you, your family — even the pets.

The trouble with conventional RO systems is — that tank. It takes up a lot of space and provides a limited amount of water, and then — you wait.

How long does your RO system take to regenerate enough water to get a fresh supply? An hour, you say? 

What if we told you that's no longer the case? Can you just picture how much and how often you could use that precious, life-saving, thirst quenching goodness from the tap?

And then imagine you could have an endless supply of alkaline water any time you want it, with no bottle or expensive label required.

No waiting.

No limits.

In steps the Blue Gold Colombo Series RO. An on-demand, tankless reverse osmosis system that has a small footprint and can even be installed under your bottom cabinets, taking up zero space under your sink.

This tankless RO outputs a whopping 25 gallons an hour. With no tank, storage, or delay. 

You may think to yourself, 'I bet it's expensive.' The answer to that is, not really. Seriously! Certainly nothing like an endless supply of fancy, store bought alkaline water for you and your whole family. For life.

Call us and lets talk about this on-demand, tankless, ah-mazing 25 gallons an hour reverse osmosis system for your family. 

  • Water on demand
  • 2 Built-in Leak Detectors
  • Compact, enclosed system saves space
  • Sediment Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Optional Alkaline Filters
  • Designer Faucet

The Blue Gold tankless reverse osmosis system is water purification at its finest. The latest in water filtration technology, Blue Gold's Colombo RO System provides home owners with a choice when it comes to water purification. Without the need for a tank, the Colombo Reverse Osmosis unit can be installed in tight spaces like under the cabinet toe space.

The compact RO unit is designed with consumers in mind. Water consumption during the long, hot summers increases requiring more water output.

An on-demand water filtration system that delivers water purified at the time of delivery, means an available output unmatched by conventional RO Systems with a tank. The Colombo Tankless Reverse Osmosis System produces 25 gallons per hour. That rate of water delivery ensures that there is plenty of water for every person's needs, with no wait time for it to regenerate.

columbo tankless ro system open
JBC Water Treatment Company water droplet


No tank, and an incredible 25 gallons per hour output.

Download the Blue Gold Tankless RO System Brochure
columbo tankless ro system

Product Specifications

on demand tankless ro system


  • Power supply: 110 V – 50 Hz
  • Engine: liquid-cooled 180 W – 110 V – 50/60 Hz
  • Pump: rotary vane pump for high pressure in brass, NSF certified – 80 Gallons per hours
  • 1st stage: 12" x 2,5 inline dual carbon-sediment – 5 micron
  • 2nd Stage: RO membrane 180 GPD TFC by LGchem
  • 3rd Stage: RO membrane 180 GPD TFC by LGchem
  • 4th stage: 12" x 2,5 inline alkaline filter – 5 micron
  • Operating pressure: 100/115 psi
  • Pressure of incoming water: min 15psi – max 72psi
  • Percentage of TDS rejection : 90 % – 95 %
  • Permeated drain ratio: 1/2.2
  • Total of incoming dissolved solids: max 2500 PPM
  • Admitted PH of incoming water: min 3 – max 11
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions:  4-18-16 IN (W-L-H)
  • Electronic control unit – anti-flooding acoustic sensor with block functions for incoming
  • water
  • Acoustic signal when filters are exhausted
  • Auto-flushing of membrane: every 8 hours


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