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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

The best water filtration and purification systems will purify and clean your water of all contaminants: bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine and more. With multiple filtration options on a reverse osmosis system, you can tailor your water quality to exact specifications, from the mineral content to the flavor. A water filtration or water purification system, purifies and cleans the water to obtain the highest water quality available. Has your water been tested?

Before we can recommend the right reverse osmosis system for you, we need to know the current quality of your water. 

Hague Reverse Osmosis

An exceptional water filtration, clean water solution for the environmentally conscious. Quick, convenient and eco-friendly filters that you can easily change on your own, with very little environmental waste in an affordable system that targets and reduces 13 contaminants, including fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, lead, radium and arsenic.

Aqua Flo Platinum Reverse Osmosis

The Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO and QCUF Drinking Water Systems can be configured to meet your specific requirements. With quick connect, interchangeable filters offering a variety of treatment options the system can be tailored to local water conditions.

PuROmax H3 Reverse Osmosis

The PuROMax High Recovery unit utilizes a non-electric energy recovery device, called a permeate pump, which dramatically improves the efficiency of an RO system. This unit produces 1 gallon of drinking water to every 1 gallon to drain. An efficient and very affordable unit.

How to Choose the Right RO System

Know the Quality of Your Water

Choosing the right water purification system for your home starts with a water test to determine the quality of your water.

Whether you're on a city or have well water, you need to know what elements you're dealing with. City water may have an abundance of chlorine, while a well may have bacteria. Water filtration is similar for each.

Our reverse osmosis systems come with a variety of filters to remove dirt and contaminants or to add alkalinity. We select different filters to tailor the quality and flavor of the water that you require.

Select the Right RO for the Job

Low maintenance, energy efficient reverse osmosis systems are all we sell. They're all made in the USA and have excellent warranty programs.

We've selected the best RO systems in the industry to accommodate every budget and water quality issue.

Our water experts will help make buying a new reverse osmosis water filtration system easy and ensure you know the pros and cons of each RO water purification systems we sell and install before you buy.

We want you to have the right appliance for the water quality in your home.

Work with Water Quality Experts

JBC Water Treatment sales and installation staff are water filtration systems experts who know and understand the drinking water quality in North Texas and Phoenix/Maricopa County Arizona.

We work with you to find the perfect match, providing you with an affordable, cost effective drinking water system that meets the needs of your family.

Check out our RO System buyer's guide or call us to schedule a water quality test. We can get your system installed quickly and professionally.

As a local, family owned business, we want the very best for our customers.

Affordable Alkaline Water at Home

Not only is alkaline water healthy, nothing compares to the smooth, sweet taste of water with a slightly elevated pH. All of our reverse osmosis drinking water systems have the option to include a pH filter which raises the pH levels of your pure, cleaned water. Ask us how you can skip the expensive bottled alkaline waters, and have your own faucet full. Then imagine how good that morning coffee will taste!

Reverse Osmosis Buyers Guide

What should you look for when buying an RO drinking water system for your home and family? We sell several models and each reverse osmosis system has benefits that factor into your buying decision. Picking the right RO system is important, not only for cost today, but long term maintenance costs as well.


How many filtration stages and RO system has is important and dependent on your water quality. Most RO systems have 4 to 6 stages (including alkalinity) of filtration. If you're on well water or an area with high levels of sediment, you might need 5 stages depending on your water quality.


Reverse osmosis systems use water to self clean their systems. Some systems use multiple gallons to produce one gallon of drinking water. The efficiency is based on the membrane and permeate pump. City water users, where you pay for every gallon of water, should consider the amount of water used during the cleaning cycle to keep long term costs (water bill) in check.


Clean water isn't limited to the tap. If you want your refrigerator to produce clean, pure ice an ice maker adapter for you new RO system is required. We can install a line directly to your refrigerator - depending on your house layout - eliminating the need to buy a separate water filtering system for ice. This saves you on ongoing maintenance and filter costs.


How much water and how quickly it produces becomes an issue if you use the RO system frequently. The gallons per day produced by a reverse osmosis unit is the speed in which the RO can create a gallon of water. An RO system that is rated at 50 gallons per day, will produce approximately 1 gallon of water per hour. A 3 gallon water holding tank is provided by all manufacturers.


How often and what kinds of RO filters you need to buy depends on the unit. It is recommended to change filters once or twice a year depending on your water quality. Reverse osmosis systems can be custom configured to add minerals, alkalinity, raise the pH, change the smoothness and taste, and more. Filter costs and how often they need to be replaced over the course of the year is just one more item to consider before making your RO purchase.


Budget conscious consumers will be happy to note that reverse osmosis systems are quite affordable. Less expensive than bottled water, and much friendlier to the environment.

Why buy a Reverse Osmosis System from JBC Water Treatment Company?

JBC is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the water filtration industry. We offer a wide variety of premium water purification products from many of the leading water quality brands. We're also proud to carry some of the best water treatment systems on the market, and have a knowledgable and professional service staff to keep your reverse osmosis system in the best working condition. If you live in the North Texas area, or in Phoenix/Maricopa County Arizona call us to purchase, install or service your reverse osmosis system. We have a 5-star rating with Angie's List and Home Advisor and an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.