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Is Your Water the Best it Can Be?

Clear doesn't mean clean. City municipalities must sanitize the drinking water in their districts and this is often done with chemicals healthy families try to avoid. 

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We won't sell what you don't need. Let us test your water quality to see what system is best for your needs. City water or well water should be tested to see what chemicals, bacteria or metals are in the water. We'll help you decide the best system for your family. Give JBC Water Treatment a call today. A locally owned, small business in Grapevine.

Remove Harmful Chemicals From Your Drinking Water

A reverse osmosis drinking water system is the ideal way to remove harmful chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and more from the water supply in your home. It provides an on demand system installed at your sink (or refrigerator) that supplies pure, fresh, great tasting water. 

Reverse osmosis systems are a simple, affordable way to provide clean drinking water for your whole family without having to buy bottled water. Most bottled water is tap water anyway!

Alkaline Water

If you're like us, and enjoy the flavor and benefits of alkaline water, all of our RO drinking water systems have an additional filter specifically for alkalinity. Super easy to install and maintain, without having to buy special water.

Clean, soft water for your whole house

A whole house system provides water softening and cleaning for the entire house. Your dishes and laundry will be cleaner, using less soap, your hair and skin will benefit as well. 

A Hague Watermax system has a 25 year limited warranty, a very small footprint, and uses very little energy, yet provides one of the best filtering and softening systems available today. Best of all there's very little maintenance needed to keep the system running smoothly for years.