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JBC Water Treatment Company provides the best water treatment and water filtration service in Arlington and the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX areas! 

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At JBC Water Treatment, we take pride in providing the highest quality home water solutions to protect the health of your family, extend the lifetime of your appliances, and save you money across the board. 

Our slate of services include water treatment systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis treatments, and service calls throughout the lifetime of your water treatment systems.

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Water Issues That JBC Can Solve in Texas


The corrosive nature of acidic water causes metal ions such as iron, manganese, copper, lead and zinc to leach into the water, causing elevated levels of toxic metals in your water.


Chlorine is the most common water treatment to kill bacteria living within it. Chlorine is added not only to swimming pools, but also is often found in tap water.


Rust is oxidized iron. It can originate anywhere from a water main to your own plumbing. Tap water can turn reddish brown due to iron particles that break free from sediment inside corroded iron or steel pipes.


Sulfurous drinking water smells like rotten eggs. Like other minerals, sulfur can leave stains in plumbing fixtures such as sinks and toilets. Sulfurous water can even stain clothing.


Hard water, prevalent in many Texas homes, is characterized by high levels of calcium and magnesium. This mineral buildup can lead to inefficient appliance operation, decreased soap effectiveness, and scale deposits in plumbing, which may shorten the lifespan of water heaters and other home appliances.

Satisfied Water Treatment Customers in Texas

Excellent experience including great communication before and during appointment. Kelli went the extra mile to research an unusual situation we had with our water system, and even came back to the house in person to give me the answer she found. Highly recommend. Would definitely recommend one of these water systems well worth the money!!!!
Leroy Jones
Water Client
I would highly recommend JBC for your water treatment. They installed a reverse osmosis machine for me and did a fantastic job. Extremely professional and they actually care about their work. I give them a 5 star + rating.....! Excellent.
David Travel
Reverse Osmosis Customer
If you are in the market for a softener I would highly recommend JBC, especially if you want to avoid high pressure sales tactics! Their customer service is what you would hope for when dealing with such an important appliance for your household. Would definitely purchase again.
David Weaver
Water Client
Excellent team to take care of your water softener and RO needs!! Very knowledgeable and great at helping you decide which system is best for your home and your needs! John is definitely a perfectionist!! Go with these guys, you won’t be disappointed!
A. K.
Reverse Osmosis Customer