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Whole House Water Cleaner & Softener

Rusty, smelly or hard water got you down? We provide the best solution in the industry, the Hague WaterMax Cleaner Softener.

City or Well Water

Configurable to Your Water Issues

The Hague WaterMax Multi-Compartment Media Tank offers complete flexibility in purification and softener media configurations.


No Replacement Filters

Self-cleaning dirt and sediment filters eliminates the need for costly and monthly replacement water filters. Maintenance free!

Drinking Water

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis

Ditch those plastic bottles forever with pure, clean water straight from the tap. We offer a variety of under sink RO systems.


Get the cleanest, purest water in Texas

hague quality water system

Custom configured whole house water filtering solutions

Every home has unique water quality specific to the area and the people who use it. Hague's WaterMax whole house system has a patented computerized smart meter that allows for customized configuration for softness and dirt or contaminate filtering.


Self cleaning, no replacement filters, and backed by a 25 year warranty the Hague WaterMax is an affordable investment. Use less soaps and detergent for baths, dishes and laundry and extend the life of your appliances with clean, soft water.


New Construction - Existing Structures - City or Well Water


Fast, efficient Reverse Osmosis Systems

Owning a Reverse Osmosis system is an affordable way to get great tasting, clean, pure water in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  All of our RO systems provide exceptional filtration from dirt, sand, chemicals and heavy metals in low profile affordable units.

Like the taste and health benefits of alkaline water? We do too. A simple add-on filter provides you with unlimited alkaline water without the high cost associated with bottled water.  

Don't know which system is right for you? We can help you find the perfect unit for your family and the quality of water where you live. We offer multiple units for a variety of water quality issues (city and well water) and to fit any budget.

Hague Reverse Osmosis

An exceptional water filtration, clean water solution for the environmentally conscious. Quick, convenient and eco-friendly filters that you can easily change on your own, with very little environmental waste in an affordable system that targets and reduces 13 contaminants, including fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, lead, radium and arsenic.

Aqua Flo Platinum Reverse Osmosis

The Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO and QCUF Drinking Water Systems can be configured to meet your specific requirements. With quick connect, interchangeable filters offering a variety of treatment options the system can be tailored to local water conditions.

PuROmax H3 Reverse Osmosis

The PuROMax High Recovery unit utilizes a non-electric energy recovery device, called a permeate pump, which dramatically improves the efficiency of an RO system. This unit produces 1 gallon of drinking water to every 1 gallon to drain. An efficient and very affordable unit.


Value, Integrity and Honesty are what make our customers love JBC Water Treatment Company

Tommy B.

Azle, Texas

Great team, on time and I could tell they were looking out for my best interest. It took a little longer than expected but they did not rush and finished the job to my satisfaction. Price was very fair and highly recommend JBC Water Treatment Company.

Julio C

Benbrook, Texas

They were called and confirmed appointment, they were prompt (arrived within 15 minutes of scheduled time), they were informative, they did not try to sell unneeded extras. Very nice.

Urmeet J.

Frisco, Texas

John was very professional and knowledgeable, he was able to do the install without any hassles.

Sharon L.

Denton, Texas

John and Kelli were able to repair my water treatment system even though it was five years old and no longer supported by the manufacturer. Kelli kept me updated on their arrival time, and both John and Kelli are friendly and professional. John also inspected all the faucets in my house and made a vast improvement in my water pressure. For the amount and quality of their work, the cost was more than reasonable. Highly recommend.

Grant B.

Arlington, Texas

Did quality work, honest, were very knowledgeable, and willing to educate me on self care of my system. Would definitely recommend.

Victoria O.

Chico, Texas

We received excellent service from both Kelli and John. It was clear they knew their water treatment systems and what was needed for our set up. We were delighted that they covered our area 75 miles from their office. They were thorough, prompt and friendly. We recommend them highly!

Joyce S.

Fort Worth, Texas

Mr. John Armstrong was very thorough . He explained everything well. Very neat and polite. He arrived during the time frame he stated.

Debra C.

Benbrook, Texas

Nice and friendly... with great customer service.

Srinivas R.

Frisco, Texas

John is very experienced and very knowledgeable person. He does his job with 100 percent perfection. Nothing can go wrong in John hands, he is so perfect. you will not regret hiring them. Best value for the money. I had water softener installed with them, John installed the softener and Kelli programmed they answered all the questions i had and in fact they educated me on the water softener systems, very professional. Thanks John and Kelli.

Joseph H.

Little Elm, Texas

Just hire them. Don't even think about it. Do it. You won't regret it.

Cheryl B.

Grapevine, Texas

John was my service man. He arrived promptly in uniform. he introduced himself and went right to work. He explained what he needed to do and gave me a cost estimate before starting. His fee was reasonable. I hired him and he went right to work and completed the work quickly. He was pleasant and professional at all times. after install, he tested the city water and the water treatment sys, explained what to look for and also informed me about the benefit of a whole house sys. Thanks John (JBC) for great service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and neighbors.

Curtis W.

Fort Worth, Texas

Kelli and John were very professional, courteous and honest. Something that is rare these days. I would recommend to anyone that is in the market for a water treatment and purification system.

Kenneth L.

Weatherford, Texas

I was Shocked that he came out the same day. Thank you.