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Hague WaterMax Signature System

Water Treatment System in Arlington, TX | Dallas-Fort Worth

Get clean, safe, and high-quality water while also saving on detergents and extending the life of your appliances. Our WaterMax® Signature Series eliminates common water issues such as hard minerals, chlorine, and iron.

It's a highly efficient and customizable system designed to improve your water and multiply your savings.

Overview of Hague's WaterMax Signature System - Water Filtration - JBC Water Treatment

What do you values most in a water treatment system? Is it the promise of pure, pristine water ? The opportunity to conserve not just water but also your hard-earned money? Or perhaps it’s the peace of mind that comes with a combination of high efficiency and eco-consciousness? With the WaterMax® Signature Series by Hague Quality Water, you don’t have to pick and choose. You’ll find unmatched benefits and superior features, all combined in a single, extraordinary product.

The Basics

Get clean, safe, and high-quality water while also saving on detergents and extending the life of your appliances. Our WaterMax® Signature Series eliminates common water issues such as hard minerals, chlorine, and iron. It’s a highly efficient and customizable system designed to improve your water and multiply your savings.

  The design featuring three compartments provides the flexibility to incorporate custom add-ons options, catering to specific treatment requirements

Smart Salt Monitoring: Never run low thanks to our built-in salt monitor.

Even Water Distribution: Our baffle and screen system eliminates water channeling.

Time-Efficiency: Operates with up to 80% less time.

Salt-Savings: Consumes up to 50% less salt.

Water Conservation: Utilizes up to 80% less water.

Precision Flow Control: Directional flow screens for optimized performance.

Upward Brining: Enhanced efficiency with Up Flow Brining.

Ultra-Pure Filtration: Equipped with fine mesh resin.

Compacted Excellence: Enjoy a packed resin bed for superior water quality.


Experience our ultra-modern design equipped with a built-in bypass and Smart Touch Controller. Plus, never run out of salt with our audible and visual salt alerts.

Eco-conscious and efficient, the WaterMax Signature Series is Hague’s latest premium offering, custom-designed to tackle any water issues while saving your money.

Our WaterMax® Signature Series comes with three unique compartments, customizable to your water’s specific needs, making bad water good and good water even better.

Hydroclean features a maximum resin bed depth for longer water contact. The result? Exceptionally soft water and a more efficient use of salt.

Maintenance & Care

Regular Salt Check
Always ensure that the brine tank is at least 1/3 full of salt. An optional audible salt alert is available to notify you when the salt level is low. For optimal performance, use clean white pellet, cube-style, or solar salt. Avoid using rock salt.

Anti-Freezing Measures
Protect your WaterMax, including the drain line, from freezing, especially during the colder months. Insulating the lines and keeping the area around the unit warm can prevent freezing damage.

Filter and Resin Maintenance
Your WaterMax has a built-in, self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter, meaning no filter changes are necessary. However, make sure to check the condition of the resin beads during your annual inspection or if you notice a decrease in water quality.

Backup Battery
Consider installing a backup battery to ensure that your system continues to function in case of a power outage, keeping your water safe and clean at all times.

Service and Support
Should you encounter any issues or have further questions, consult JBC Water Treatment, your local Hague dealer, for expert advice and service.
The system’s ability to reduce scale means less wear and tear on your household appliances, saving you money in the long run.

Clock Adjustments
Make sure to reset the clock during Daylight Saving Time or if you experience a power outage. The WaterMax features power-loss protection that saves your customized settings, but it’s always good to double-check.

Sediment Inspection
Annually inspect and clean the brine tank and air check/draw tube assembly, especially if you notice sediment build-up in the tank. Remove any sediment or debris and wash the tank with a mild soap solution.

Test Your Water
Periodically have your water tested to ensure the media solutions in your WaterMax are still effective for your water conditions. Consult JBC Water Treatment for regular water quality checks and customizations.

Consult Owner’s Manual
The Owner’s Manual contains additional details on care and maintenance. Make it a habit to review the manual at least once a year to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your system.

Record and Monitor
Keep a maintenance log to track when you performed certain care activities. This can be useful for troubleshooting and ensuring that you are following a consistent maintenance schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WaterMax Signature Series is an advanced water treatment system that uses a unique three-compartment design to offer tailored water treatment solutions for your home.

Custom media options include fine mesh resin for faster ion exchange, Nitrate Select Resin for well water treatment, and Calcite for neutralizing acidic water, among others.

After conducting an in-home water test, JBC Water Treatment can recommend the best media add-ons based on your specific water quality and needs.

The WaterMax Signature Series comes with a 25-year warranty, emphasizing our confidence in the product’s durability and effectiveness.

Yes, the system can be integrated with other water purification systems, such as reverse osmosis units, for comprehensive water treatment.

Unlike single-compartment systems, the three-compartment design allows for more customizable media options. Once your water is tested, JBC Water Treatment can recommend the most effective media configuration for your specific water quality needs.

The fine mesh resin and packed media bed technology allows the system to be more efficient, requiring less salt, water, and time for the same treatment capacity, thereby saving costs.

While the system is designed for straightforward installation, it is recommended to have it installed by a certified JBC Water Treatment technician. Maintenance involves periodic media replacement and salt replenishment.

The salt monitor alerts you when salt levels are low or if a salt bridge has formed in the brine tank, making the system more user-friendly and easier to manage.

JBC Water Treatment can provide an in-home water test to determine if your water is hard and if a water softener is needed. Based on the results, we can recommend the most suitable treatment options.

You can schedule a free water test and consultation with JBC by calling 940-366-0476. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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