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Aqua Flo Platinum RO Drinking Water System

Reverse Osmosis System in Arlington, TX | Dallas-Fort Worth

Transform the way you experience water with Aqua Flo Platinum's QCRO and QCUF Reverse Osmosis Systems. Engineered for versatility and effectiveness, these systems adapt to the unique water conditions of your locality to deliver water that's just right for you.

Overview of Hague's Aqua Flo Platinum Reverse Osmosis System

Transform the way you experience water with Aqua Flo Platinum’s QCRO and QCUF Reverse Osmosis Systems. Engineered for versatility and effectiveness, these systems adapt to the unique water conditions of your locality to deliver water that’s just right for you.

The Basics

Tailored Treatment: Choose from 10 different interchangeable filters designed to meet your water’s specific needs.

Why It’s Crucial: Customize your system to address the unique challenges of your local water, ensuring perfect purity and taste.

4-Stage Reverse Osmosis: Experience comprehensive filtration with four distinct stages, each serving a unique purpose.

● Step-by-Step Excellence: Water undergoes rigorous cleaning and refining through each stage before it reaches your glass.

Snap-On Pre-Filters: The initial stages remove dirt, sediment, and other large particles to prepare water for finer filtration.

● Targeted Pre-Filtration: Depending on your water quality, specific pre-filters can be installed to tackle bacteria and contaminants.

Advanced RO Membrane: The third stage employs a high-efficiency membrane to separate even microscopic impurities, such as bacteria, fluoride, and harmful pharmaceuticals.

● Precision Filtration: Ensure absolute purity as the membrane works at a molecular level to cleanse your water.

Customizable Final Stage:
The last stage is all about your preference—whether you need alkaline water with added minerals or some other specialized treatment.

Optional Add-Ons:
Opt for a pH booster filter or other treatment solutions to fully customize your water experience.


Economical Filter Replacement:
Filters typically last 6 to 12 months, while the RO membrane can go up to 3 years, offering a cost-effective solution.

Why It Matters:
Save money and time with long-lasting filters that are also easy on the wallet.

Ultra Filtration Unit:
Ideal for locations with limited under-sink space or concerns about RO reject water.

No Drain Line Needed:
The unit can be fitted almost anywhere, thanks to the absence of a holding tank and drain line requirements.

QC Twist and Lock Design:
Changing filters is a breeze—simply twist off the old one and snap on the new.

Forget the hassle of messy sump removal. Enjoy clean water without the fuss.

Sediment Filters:
Capture and remove larger particles like dirt and sand.

Carbon Filters:
Improve taste and odor while removing chlorine and other chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis Filters:
Employ a fine membrane to remove microscopic impurities.

Specialty Filters:
Customizable options for unique water treatment needs, such as pH balancing.

Maintenance & Care

Regular Filter Replacements​

Sediment and Carbon Filters:

● Frequency: Every 6-12 months, depending on water usage and quality.

● How-To: Use the QC twist and lock design to easily twist off the old filter and twist on the new one.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane:
Frequency: Up to 3 years, depending on water quality.

● How-To: Refer to your user manual for detailed instructions on membrane replacement.

Specialty Filters:
● Frequency: Varies based on filter type and local water conditions.

How-To: Same as sediment and carbon filters, twist and lock.

Storage Tank Maintenance​
● Frequency: Annually

● How-To: Check for any signs of corrosion or wear and tear.
● Frequency: As needed.

● How-To: Use mild detergents and a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior.

Faucet and Hardware​
● Frequency: As needed

● How-To: Use a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth.
● Frequency: Every 6 months

● How-To: Ensure that there are no leaks or drips, and that the faucet operates smoothly.

System ​Shutdown

● How-To: No manual operation needed, the system will automatically shut off when the tank is full.

Professional Maintenance​
Annual Check-Up:
● Frequency: Once a year.

● How-To: Have a certified technician evaluate the system to ensure it’s working efficiently and update any components as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Aqua Flo Platinum RO System is a reverse osmosis Drinking water system designed to provide you with high-quality, clean, and great-tasting water right from your tap.

It simplifies the filter replacement process. Just twist off the old filter and twist on the new one—no need for messy sump removal.

Yes, the system comes with multiple styles and colors for the faucet. The standard faucet is generally shown, but other options are available.

The system is designed to be space-efficient, thanks to its single manifold assembly. However, if space is an issue, an Ultra Filtration unit can be installed without a drain line and holding tank.

While regular filter replacement can be done by the user, an annual check-up by a certified technician is recommended to ensure optimal performance Drinking water system

The sediment and carbon filters typically need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, while the reverse osmosis membrane can last up to 3 years.

Yes, the system comes with a high-quality, powder-coated steel tank that is designed for durability.

These filters can optimize your drinking water to suit your taste and adjust to local water conditions. They provide a wide array of custom filter options.

The automatic shutoff valve will shut off the system when the reservoir tank is full, saving water and energy.

Yes, the system’s reverse osmosis membrane and carbon filters are effective in reducing a range of contaminants including fluoride and chlorine taste and odor.

You can schedule a free water test and consultation with JBC by calling 940-366-0476. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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