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Frequently Asked Questions

Home water purification is essential for removing contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, PFASs, PFOSs, bacteria and v many others, providing you with safe, clean water for consumption and daily use.

Reverse osmosis systems work by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane, and flushing contaminants down the drain, effectively removing impurities like salts, minerals, and other dissolved substances.


The Hague WaterMax system offers a comprehensive solution for both hard water treatment and contaminant removal, delivering cleaner, softer water while being efficient and easy to maintain.

Learn more about Hague WaterMax at this page: Hague WaterMax Signature System

It’s advisable to test your water at least once a year for common contaminants. However, if you notice changes in taste, odor, or appearance, test immediately.