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Hague Maximizer

Water Softener in Arlington, TX | Dallas-Fort Worth

Don't settle for hard, impure water. Hague Maximizer softener offers a two compartment, eco-friendly solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.

JBC Water Treatment can provide an estimate for a Hague Maximizer Water Softener for your home in Arlington, TX and the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area.

Hague Maximizer - Water Softener System

Small, Powerful, Wonderfully Soft — Meet The Hague Maximizer

Unlock a world of soft, high-quality water with the Hague Maximizer. Our patented water softener system is engineered to provide not just the soft water you crave, but also opportunities for saving money. Decked with a smart touch color controller, an elegant single cabinet design, and an easy-to-fill salt tank, this system brings purification to a new level. Experience a noticeable difference with the Hague Maximizer.

The Basics

As a homeowner, the battle against hard water minerals, chlorine, and iron doesn’t have to be a way of life. You deserve water that’s as pure as it is soft. The Hague Maximizer system makes common water problems a thing of the past.

For those on city water, both systems incorporate KDF55 media in one compartment, targeting chlorine and heavy metals. If you have a well without a contaminant problem, a custom media can be added to the middle compartment of either system to address well water-specific issues.

At JBC, we believe in giving you only what you need.
No upselling, no unnecessary add-ons. Whether you require the all-inclusive WaterMax or find that the compact Maximizer is just right, we’ll tailor our recommendation based on a detailed water test and your specific concerns.


Never compromise on watering your lawn just because you have a water softener. The built-in bypass allows you to skip the softening process, giving you salt-free water for your yard, whenever you need it.

Tired of audible alerts? Activate the “Quiet Time” setting on the Smart Touch Controller and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Customize your settings and make the Maximizer work for you.

With the Maximizer’s custom-engineered baffle, you get soft water with minimal waste. Why settle for less when you can maximize efficiency and quality?

Say goodbye to frequent and costly filter changes; save your hard-earned money with a self-cleaning sediment filter. The Maximizer handles it all, automatically.

Less is more with our vacuum-packed resin. Experience a faster ion-exchange process and use less salt in the long run.

Protect your investment with the Maximizer’s safety shut-off feature. Rest easy knowing your system won’t fail you when you need it the most.

Optimized for Both City and Well Water
The Hague Maximizer is designed to work flawlessly, irrespective of your water source.
Highly Efficient Salt Usage
With just 1 pound of salt, the system can remove an impressive 5,600 grains of hardness.
Water-Saving Regeneration
Consumes only 13.5 gallons of water during each regeneration cycle, which takes just 13 minutes.
Smart Computer Control
Automatically adjusts to your specific water usage, eliminating waste and guesswork.
Eliminate Chlorine and Odors
Custom media configurations make chlorine taste and foul odors a thing of the past.
Reduce Harmful Elements
Fine mesh resin significantly reduces Barium and Radium 226/228 for safer water.

Maintenance & Care

Check the Salt Levels
While the Maximizer is efficient in salt usage, keeping an eye on the salt level in the brine tank is essential. Make it a routine to check at least once a month. If it’s less than 1/3 full, it’s time to refill.

Quality Salt Matters
Always use clean, white pellet, cube-style, or solar salt for the system. Avoid using rock salt as it can contain impurities that may affect performance.

Clock Settings
Protect your system from freezing temperatures, and that includes the drain Don’t forget to adjust the system clock during Daylight Savings. This will ensure that the regeneration cycles are in sync with your actual time.

Protect from Freezing
During the cold months, make sure the system, including any external piping, is protected from freezing conditions. This will ensure the longevity of the unit.

Safety Shut-Off
Your Maximizer comes with a built-in safety feature that will shut off the system in case of failure. However, make sure to regularly test this feature to confirm its efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The JBC Maximizer is a patented, all-in-one water softening and purification system designed for efficiency and ease of use. Unlike traditional softeners, it offers advanced features like smart touch controllers and customizable media solutions.

For optimal performance, use clean, white pellet, cube-style, or solar salt. Avoid using rock salt.

Yes, the JBC Maximizer is customizable and effective for both city and well water conditions.

This is a built-in feature that shuts off the system in case of a failure to protect your investment.

Regularly check salt levels and adjust the clock for Daylight Savings. For an annual deeper clean, refer to the Owner’s Manual or contact JBC.

Open the lid to the brine tank and check if the salt is at least 1/3 full. If not, it’s time to add more salt.

Refer to the “Customer Settings” in your Owner’s Manual for instructions on adjusting the clock during Daylight Savings.

The JBC Maximizer features self-cleaning filters, eliminating the need for frequent filter changes.

The system is designed for efficiency, using less salt and water compared to other systems, which results in cost and energy savings.

For troubleshooting or maintenance queries, contact JBC for professional support and service.

You can schedule a consultation with JBC by calling 940-366-0476. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Hague Maximizer

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